Welcome to CFM

CFM Realty is an Omaha, Nebraska based real-estate development firm formed in 2001 for the purposes of developing, owning, redeveloping and managing commercial real estate projects. Combined, the CFM principals have more than 65 years of commercial real estate experience and have accounted for the leasing and development of more than 6,000,000 square feet of commercial space and have negotiated lease and sale transactions valued in excess of $650,000,000. CFM Realty is currently involved in a variety of commercial and mixed-use developments around the country – projects in Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas.

Our Mission

CFM Realty specializes in many facets of residential and commercial real estate. From community development to urban restoration to high-end retail and office projects, we focus on what’s most important – smart planning, strategic fiscal responsibility and attractive, intelligent design. Though varied, each project represents a fundamental belief that responsible commercial investment is essential for long-term growth and prosperity in the marketplace.

The bottom line at CFM: create useful, attractive and beneficial commercial developments that build equity for partners and value in the community.